COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus Update

Greetings Members and Guests of Devonvale,

With the recent developments in our country regarding the Coronavirus and after our President’s address to the nation on 15 March declaring a national disaster, we would like to inform all members and guests that the health and safety of our community is of the highest importance. We have reassessed our current golfing events, activities and access to facilities.

All our facilities will remain open for normal trade. To create a safe environment for our members, guests and staff we have implemented the following until further notice:

Arrival at Security:

  • Security guards will only scan the license number of the vehicle displayed on the outside of the window and verify the vehicles number plate. No direct contact to be made. We will issue our security guards with hand sanitizers.

Golf Course:

  • Where possible an one-tee start only, to stagger golfers using the Clubhouse facilities arrivals, etc.
  • Caddies are currently making themselves available to carry bags, but they have requested to stay outside 5M radius of players and leave bag next to ball and move aside. Only player to handle his/her clubs.
  • All golfers are encouraged to leave the flag in the hole. We will however have a person that will sanitize the flag pole a few times a day.
  • We would like to encourage the use of Zapper at pay points. This will avoid any direct contact.
  • All golfers are encouraged not to rake the bunkers. We will however have a person that goes around throughout the day to rake the bunkers. Rakes will also be sanitized daily.
  • Carts to be sanitized on a daily basis.

Clubhouse & Lodge:

  • We will provide hand sanitizers at all our entrance doors with signs.
  • Only paper towels for hand washing in the locker rooms.
  • We will reduce lounge and serving areas layout by removing some furniture. This will create more space between tables. Patrons to avoid close contact to each other.
  • Hand wash schedule for all service personnel and kitchen staff. All staff to be issued with their own personal hand sanitizer.
  • Continuous de-sanitizing of Clubhouse & Lodge throughout the day, particularly in high touch areas.
  • De-sanitize locker rooms regularly and showers after use.
  • We will limit all corporate days and events to less than a 100 people.
  • Club competitions and prize-giving will continue as normal

We would like to assure you that the health and safety of our members and staff are our top priority. As and when further information becomes available there may be need for additional changes which will be communicated to you as timeously as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding to ensure we are doing our part to contain the disease.

Yours Sincerely,


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